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Established in 1986, Jess's Market is a small, family run business and THE place to find the best seafood in Mid-Coast Maine.

We are open year-round and stock our ocean water tanks with plenty of lively local lobsters. All of our seafood is fresh and the selection varies daily and with the seasons.

If you'd like to know how fresh your fish is, just ask us!

No chemicals or preservatives are used in our water or products.

Check out Francine's featured article "Bistro Beat" in Maine Home & Design, July 2009 issue.


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"Buy Fish Here"
The proof is in the product: at Jess’s, where you can get anything from Hudson River shad roe and Maryland soft shell crabs to local scallops and shrimp, everything is top-notch.





We Ship Overnight, Anywhere is the US!